'Our superwomen collection is the most durable legging, suitable for the most extreme workouts! These leggings feature several unique design elements, like a sculpting rear seam and pockets actually big enough for your phone! Each pattern is also propietary to BAC and you won't find these designs anywhere else.'

'Our Espérance collection is a favourite amongst our yoga clientèle due to their seamless construction, stretchability and comfort. These leggings will never go see-through and won't lose their shape in the wash. Each pair fits like a second skin and features an ombre colourway so you can always look stylish whether wearing these for a workout or casually.'
'The S-line series got it's name from its unique S shaped cut. The seam has been designed to curve around from the thigh to the ankle creating a super flattering and defined look. A poplular choice by men and a favourite for the outdoor athletes  '